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Staying active and exercising can help you feel stronger and more confident in your body. Not only this but its been proven to reduce your risk of more serious health complications as you age (e.g. Heart disease, stroke, falls, depression, dementia).

Here at Estuary Physio our aim is to keep you moving! Our first goal is make sure the activities or programmes we suggest are enjoyable and specific to your needs / life style. Whether your goal is to be able to get back up the stairs again, or to just increase your general activity levels, we can help you to make a plan.

Our programmes are designed to address all aspects of physical and mental wellbeing, this includes core areas such as building cardiovascular fitness, strength and balance. Ultimately we want to ensure you are able to live as independently as possible and enjoy life to the maximum.

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Older Adults

Specialist Physiotherapy In The Home

The Best in Neuro Physiotherapy Care for You or Your Loved One

At Estuary Physio we know how challenging it can be to access specialist physiotherapy services and continue to make progress with your rehabilitation after leaving hospital

We work with experienced physiotherapists who specialise in neurological physio care. We take a gentle and caring approach and are always on hand to help and advise.

Our team of specialist clinicians offer treatment for:

We're here to help. Please contact us if you have any questions or to arrange your first appointment with a trusted physio in your area.

Our therapists offer a thorough initial assessment and bespoke treatment plans to assist you. A plan may include:

  • Work with our Physios to find enjoyable ways to increase your activity levels
  • Feel fitter and build stamina
  • Learn how to build strength safely
  • Maintain confidence in your balance and avoid trips
  • Avoid aches, pains and stiffness


Specialist Physiotherapy

Our specialist physiotherapy service covers a wide range of areas in Central and Greater London


Specialist Physiotherapy

Our Essex physiotherapists cover areas including Benfleet, Basildon, Rayleigh, Southend and Chelmsford

Get in touch and speak to our therapy team to find out more.

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