Initial Physiotherapy Assessment

Initial Physiotherapy Assessment

Monday 19th June 2023
Barry Ford

Initial Physiotherapy Assessment

First Consultation

Your first consultation will typically be 60-minutes, which allows time for a comprehensive assessment and a short bespoke treatment in the remaining time available.

Prior to the appointment

The more information we have prior to starting rehabilitation, the better. Please send us scans, discharge letters and therapy reports. It is also helpful for your physiotherapist to have your health providers contact details in advance, working as a team with other professionals such as consultants will often get the best results. We also want to make sure we are the right team for you and match you to the right therapist.


We want to hear things from your perspective, where you are and where you want to be. If you have a caregiver, it is also helpful to hear things from their point of view so it can be helpful to have them there at the initial appointment. This will take approximately 30 minutes - It needs to be thorough so we can tailor your rehabilitation plan and ensure you have the right support and equipment to set you up for success.


Your initial physiotherapy assessment will likely be hands-on. We request that you wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing and supportive footwear. Our therapists will take into consideration aches and pains, fatigue and current level of function. This part will last approximately 30 minutes. You can expect to be asked to move in certain ways, our therapist is likely to look at your strength, sensation, range of movement, function and much more. If you need two pairs of hands to help you move, please highlight this prior to meeting your Physiotherapist. During the physical assessment, you may be shown exercises to complete at home by yourself or with a carer, as well as being offered other helpful tips and tricks.

Holistic Care

Your initial assessment is an opportunity to understand underlying factors that may be contributing to your concerns and will not be a one-size fits all plan. Your physiotherapist will discuss possible treatment options and any other services that may support you in your journey.

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Medical Review

The information on this page has been reviewed for accuracy by Barry Ford BSc MCSP, Physiotherapist